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School – Playground Refurbishment

Selhurst Children’s Centre Playground Refurbishment, South London

Playground Refurbishment for Nursery School and Children’s Education Centre that had ageing play areas in need of care and attention.


The play area was quite old and had been created with lavish mosaics and different flooring materials. Over time these materials had become very smooth and slippery, especially when wet. The condition of the old playground surfaces can be seen in the ‘before’ images below.

Our brief was to refurbish the playground replacing the unsafe flooring and to replace or make-good existing play equipment and supporting buildings.


We removed some of the unwanted features and reduced a deck area. New soft-play rubber flooring replaced the existing hard and potentially un-safe flooring.

A nature pond was created for the children, which in time will attract new wildlife, providing a safe learning environment behind our new palisade fence.

Where possible, we repaired and made-good pieces of play equipment to comply with modern safety requirements. We created a safer, fun place for the children to play. We recycled and reused as much as possible to save money and to be considerate to the environment. We designed an unusual water feature, which was created using an old ‘whispering Tube’ repurposed as part of the makeover. A photograph may be seen below.

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Playground refurbishment image gallery


Before; View looking across the playground towards a wooden shelter.

After Refurbishment; View looking from the wooden shelter back across the refurbished playground.

Before; View looking towards classrooms.

After Refurbishment; View looking towards classrooms showing an inventive and original water feature.

A image of the Selhurst refurbished play area

After Refurbishment; Adventure play area.

A photo of Playground Refurbishment for Selhurst

After Refurbishment; Climbing play area.

Photo of the new nature pond at Selhurst Children’s Centre, add as art of a school playground refurbishment

After; Nature pool for observing wildlife.

An image of the nature pool carried out as part of the c playground refurbishment