Case Study

School Farm – Feltham Reach Academy

School Farm for Reach Academy in Feltham, London

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Project Photo Gallery:
School farm showing Grow and learn, pig and hen houses

Showing the extent of re-developed area

School farm - this is where the hens will live

The chickens will live here!

Close-up of the grow and learn planing boxes, part of the school farm

Grow and learn area

Nigel of Boardman Gelly speaking at School Farm opening day

Nigel Boardman speaking to interested pupils and parents on open day

Nigel talking to interested pupils about the school farm’s pigs

Nigel explaining where sausages come from

Teacher squats in Pigs Home

Don’t look now but there's a teacher squatting in our house!

The pigs are back in town, at the school, anyway

Pupils watching the pigs at work


To turn the derelict land in to a school farm, expanding on the traditional ‘grow and learn’ facilities to include livestock. We had a large space to work with and a full range of farming activities to include:

We registered the school with DEFRA obtaining a County Parish Holding number to bring the pigs to school. We ensured all the facilities were up to standard and the school was inspected by the City of London.


Reach Academy is a new school which caters for children from 4 years to 18 years. The facilities at the school are second to none and need to bring a learning experience to each school year group. A large area of land to the rear of the school housed old tennis courts which were derelict.