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Services & Products

We love making the great outdoors even greater!

Our services and products fall in to 4 main areas encompassing exterior design and installation projects for private residences, schools, smallholdings, agricultural concerns and equine enthusiasts.

Whilst each project we undertake is totally unique, there are three things within every Boardman, Gelly & Co installation that always stay the same:

  1. our attention to detail from concept to completion
  2. our belief in the highest levels of customer service
  3. our desire to exceed our clients’ expectations

Whether your goal is to create the perfect outdoor space for relaxation, a stimulating and fun educational environment or equestrian and agricultural elements that have a more practical application – we use our award-winning expertise to ensure your objectives are met.

What you think of Boardman, Gelly & Co matters a great deal to our whole team. What you think of the work we do for you matters even more!